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Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat learns every time you adjust the temperature, that's how it builds a schedule for your home.  So, in your first week with Nest, teach it well - turn it up when you want to be cosy, turn it down when you want to save energy.

Warranty - 12 Months

Made In - UK


Rev 24

Mains-independent, 7-day room temperature controller for the right temperature at the right time. All factory settings already provide optimal living comfort. You can easily adjust the controller to your needs with the user-assisted clear-text display and program selection slider.


Warranty - 12 Months



CM 907

The CM907 is a 7-day Programmable Room Thermostat. It is designed to provide automatic time and temperature control of domestic heating or cooling systems. The slim, ultra modern design complements the extra large LCD screen with the Line of Text display and function buttons to ensure simplified programming and operation for all users. Battery powered with low-power indicator.

Warranty - 12 months


Siemens RDS110

The RDS110 Wifi Thermostat allows you to remotely monitor and manage your homes temperature and energy usage anytime, anywhere. Equipped with patented self-learning algorithm, the intuitive RDS110 allows for total home comfort and control.


Two multifunctional inputs, optional and configurable for:

- Operation mode switchover contact (e.g window contact)

- Remote room temperature sensor

- Floor temperature sensor

- Outside air temperature sensor

- Remote humidity sensor 

Warranty - 1 Year


Smatrix Underfloor Heating Controls

Uponor Smatrix is a management system for underfloor heating and cooling installations. The smatrix control system allows the user to easily control the temperature of each individual room/zone.

Smatrix consists of a controller, thermostats and actuators. The controller manages the operation of the actuators when the thermostats detect a demand for heating and cooling.

Warranty - 12 Months

Made In - Germany